Group EXO leader Suho will debut as a solo artist.
Suho will release his first mini-album “Self-Portrait,” which took part in writing the entire song and concept planning, on Thursday. With her first solo album since her debut, she has prepared a track with Suho’s own emotions.
The title track “Let’s Love” is a modern rock genre with lyrical melodies and a warm atmosphere. Using EXO’s team chants made by Suho himself, he added the meaning of Suho’s identity and love for fans as EXO’s leader. Though clumsy and lacking in expressing love, the lyrics include “Let’s be brave and love each other,” adding to the dramatic atmosphere of the song by combining Suho’s mellow vocals and performances of actual band sessions.
The album includes a dreamy acoustic pop song “O2” (O2), a fond fan song “Made in You,” a rock ballad expressing longing for a lover after a breakup, “Starry Night” and “Self-Portrait,” a song that feels and remembers the traces of a person who loved her after seeing her in a self-portrait. Then, a total of six songs will be included, including “For You Now,” a healing song featured by Younha.
Suho will host the live show “Suho-展: Let’s Love, Let’s Do” on Naver V LIVE’s EXO channel at 8 p. He will transform into a daily docent, introduce him new album and communicate with global music fans.

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