Is there anything in this world BTS’s Jungkook can’t do? Don’t think so. Brilliant dancer, owner of an angelical, versatile, and powerful voice, an eye for film and photography and a passion for impressions, good at drawing, bowling, archery, video-editing, songwriting… and the list could go on and on and completely fill up this page. The Golden Maknae — a title he earned for a reason — has grown to be interested in new things on a regular basis, and with time he’s also revealed fashion has become one of them, but more than following trends, he’s found his own style, which is very recognizable nowadays.

From his debut to the present, he’s tried many different styles and marked some items as Jungkook’s fashion statements (ehem, camel timberlands, ehem), leaving us with iconic outfits we will never be able to forget. Yes, it’s true, there are hundreds that deserve to be on the list, but here’s a selection of some of the most iconic ones.

Chanel Boy

There’s something so elegant yet so simple about this look. While at first sight, it’s just pants and a shirt, the beauty of it is in the details: the Chanel pin, the studded belt, the diamond-covered cuffs, the ombre hair… it’s all so subtle yet so perfectly put together it truly belongs on the runway.

Cutesy Vibes

We’ll never be able to forget about this one. Jungkook’s cutest side emerges here, though he still figures out how to make it look cool. The overall-polo-shirt-round-glasses combo is just perfection, and when you add the yellow converse and some forehead exposure to the mix, you get the recipe for aegyo-success.

Cool in Berlin

That photo. That outfit. Every single detail on this look screams “COOL.” The layers, the fabrics, the jacket-bucket combo, the peeking shirt, the torn jeans… it’s all just too good to be true and a look for the books we’ll keep in our memories (and computer folders) for a very long time.

Airport Matrix

Don’t even know if an explanation is needed here. Every single piece of this outfit sold out after JK showed up at the airport wearing them. He’s king of layering monochromes. While black reigns over the outfit, it’s the layering, the accessories, and the fabrics that make this one an insuperable fashion statement.

Fire in Black

Is it the leather harness, the chains, the red hair, the silk shirt, the leather pants, the sheer sleeves? Probably all of the above. So many elements perfectly matched to show a sexier side of Jungkook’s style on stage, and it was such a way to blow everyone’s minds away.

Flying in Pastels

Yes, the long hair. Yes, the matching pink denim set. Yes, the fact that he’s flying over the crowd. All those elements make this a look for the ages. It’s simple, but full of little details such as the embroidered diamonds, the silk shirt underneath, messy-hair-don’t-care vibes, and of course, the color palette. Not only a moment, but an outfit we all will remember for life.

Summer Boy

Summer Jungkook during the “Fire” era. That’s it. That’s the look. A bit more playful than usual in terms of colors and prints, this one became in a matter of seconds a fave for his fans. Fun, lightweight, different from what we had been used to seeing him wearing.

Flawless in White

Tell me, who can wear this and get away with it? What could be considered a risky outfit because of all its features — pearls, fringe, heels, ruffles, buckles, and a sheer cape — this look appears angelical and glorious on him.

The Icon

If we’re talking iconic looks, this is without a doubt one of JK’s most recognizable ones. The other members actually used to joke around saying all he had in his closet were white shirts, blue jeans, and camel timberlands — which to be honest, was not too far from the truth.


Not an actual outfit, but oh boy, it’s a look. Long-haired Jungkook rocks the locks, and while the moment is gone, we’re absolutely ready for the day it decides to come back.

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