Big Hit recorded 587.2 billion won in sales and 98.7 billion won in operating profit in 2019. Compared to the same period last year, its sales and operating profit rose 95 percent and 24 percent.


Big Hit sold 3.72 million copies of its 2019 BTS album, “Map of the Soul Persona.” TOMORROW X TOGETHER’s album sales, which debuted in the same year, also showed positive performances, recording a total of more than 6 million albums sold.


Big Hit, which has specialized corporate systems in each field through division of each business sector, has shown high growth compared to the previous year in the platform sector, increasing the portion of its sales. By region, the North American market has shown great results in terms of sales volume and growth rate.


“The year 2019 was a year when Big Hit pushed for upgrading its corporate structure, including the establishment of a multi-label system, but continued to expand sales and maintain high growth rates at the same time,” a Big Hit official said. “BTS is making unprecedented achievements as a Korean artist, and the expansion of its intellectual property rights (IP) such as the growth of TOMORROW X TOGETHER and GFRIEND and securing strong trainee pipelines will be combined with various corporate models.”


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