Cumulative sales of 20 million units for the first time … Seven albums in a row, a million-selling BTS is the biggest seller in K-pop history.

According to Big Hit Entertainment, the album has sold more than 22.32 million copies so far, based on the Gaon Chart’s March album chart run by the Korea Music Content Association.

BTS recorded accumulated sales of 22,329,305 albums with 14 albums from its debut album ” To Cool For School ” (2 COOL 4 SKOOL) in 2013 to ” Map of the Soul : 7 ” (MAP of the SOUL : 7) that was released in February this year.

In particular, 4,179,000 copies of ” Map of the Soul : 7 ” have been sold, and it has been certified as a ” Quadruple Million ” for the first time in the history of Gaon Chart’s certification.

In addition, seven recently released albums, including 37.7 million ” Map of the Soul : Persona “, 2.59 million ” Love Your Self “, 2.22 million ” Love Your Self “, 2.22 million ” Love Your Self “, 1.02 million ” Wings : You Never Walk Alone, ” and 1.13 million ” Wings. “

After surpassing 10 million albums based on the Gaon album chart in November 2018, BTS surpassed 20 million albums in Korean pop history for the first time in a year and three months.

Shin Seung-hun was the ” King of Ballads ” with the highest cumulative sales record in the history of Korean pop music.

Meanwhile, BTS’s ‘ Map of the Soul : 7 ‘ album has been at the top of the charts for six consecutive weeks, ranking 25th on the Billboard 200 chart.

[Table] Sales of BTS album (based on Gaon Chart, March 2020 album chart)

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