Yeji, Lia, Ryujin, Chaeryeong and Yuna. The Teen Crush-inducing photo shoot, in which the five ITZY members and modern makeup artist brand NARS met, was released in the April issue of “Elle” in 2020.

iMBC 연예뉴스 사진iMBC 연예뉴스 사진iMBC 연예뉴스 사진iMBC 연예뉴스 사진iMBC 연예뉴스 사진

On March 9, she met ITZY, a girl group at the center of the talk, with more than 50 million views on YouTube for her new song “WANNABE” in 39 minutes after her comeback with her second mini album “IT’z ME.” The ITZY members in the pictorial are showing off their teen crush charm, which is different from the album concept photo, with blushers and lipstick colors matching each other. ITZY’s unique group dance and signature dance of “WANNABE,” Mimi’s dance, and Hero’s dance, are showing off their individual charms and charms unlike their powerful performances.


iMBC 연예뉴스 사진iMBC 연예뉴스 사진


This pictorial is like the lyrics of “WANNABE” (whatever anyone says, I’m me). I just want to be me. It doesn’t have to be something. “I’m perfect when I’m me” was the concept of the song. It shows the members staring at the camera with a cheek and lip color matching their faces. With each cut, the members’ intense charisma and all the cuts with A-cuts have impressed the on-site staff.
During the shooting, the five members took selfies or played jokes together, and they looked like girls of their age. Whenever they started filming or took group shots after fixing their makeup, they quickly focused on the concept of filming and monitored each other’s poses, and officials reportedly applauded their professional appearances with breathless efforts.
ITZY has received hearts of MIDZY fans through active activities and SNS communication since their comeback! The pictorial and beauty film, which exude five-person, five-color charm and group charisma as well as sharp group dance, can be found in the April issue of “Elle.”

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