EXO’s Sehun made a surprise appearance in ‘I Live Alone’.
On MBC’s “I Live Alone,” which aired on Thursday, the daily lives of the villain, Rookie and actor Ahn Bo Hyun were revealed.
On the same day, Ahn went on a sudden camping trip to mark the end of his work “Itaewon Class.” I wanted to go camping so badly that I had packed up my things. We went camping like that all the time, so that we could load up and leave at any time.” The backseat of the security prefecture’s car “Cron” was also completely customized for camping.
Upon arriving at the camp site, the security office took out various camping tools and decorated the car with light bulbs. Park said, “It’s a professional setting.” Ahn Bo Hyun enjoyed his own time lying in the rear seat of the renovated one.
Ahn also called in his close brother, who always wanted to go camping. He is the youngest member of EXO, Sehun. Ahn said, “Mobile Movie. The place where the Three Musketeers He’s my drinking buddy. Why are you always the only one going camping? This is the first time that this friend is camping in itself,” he introduced his relationship with Sehun.

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