-‘BON BON Chocolat ‘→’ Adios’ → ‘DUN DUN’ was intense for a year… Super Straight pace continues

Everglow (E:U, SIHYEON, MiA, ONDA, AISHA, YIREN), who took her first step in the K-pop scene with her debut album “ARRIVAL OF EVERGLOW” on March 21 last year, celebrated exactly the first anniversary of her debut on March 21.

Everglow broke the stereotype of the K-pop girl group, which is represented by innocence or loveliness from its first appearance, and left a strong impression with its unbelieving charisma and strong energy.

The debut title track “Bon bon  Chocolat” has succeeded in capturing the ears of fans, with its EDM synth sound adroitly blending with addictive hip-hop beats. With the fruit of a long and hard-working effort, the lyrics, which express the moment of finally realizing a debut dream in sweet chocolate, also drew a lot of sympathy.

If the debut album was a signal that signaled the strong emergence of “The Host New” Everglow, the second single “HUSH” served as a catalyst for Everglow’s re-emergence as a “global super rookie” beyond Korea.

At that time, Everglow further cemented his own team concept by showing off an overwhelming stage performance and a powerful and unconventional concept that is different from his unique visual, through his title track “Adios.” In addition, it not only topped music shows upon its comeback, but also triggered hot reactions on overseas charts such as the iTunes K-POP chart in 26 countries, Apple Music’s K-POP chart No. 1 in 10 countries and Billboard’s World Digital Song Sales chart No. 2.

Everglow’s relentless straight-forward moves were further upgraded through his first mini album “Leminiscence.” For the first time, the group’s story, narrative, and worldview were revealed to the surface, and included not only its trademark strong performance, but also the infinite potential of Everglow through musical growth.

Right after the album’s release, he dominated global hot topics such as “Twitter Real-Time Trend Ranking” and “Worldwide Trends” rankings, while the music video for the title track “DUN DUN” topped 90 million views and topped the list of daily and weekly views on YouTube worldwide.

On top of that, Everglow’s global power was very strong, with the total number of Apple Music charts in 41 countries, iTunes Top Album charts in 17 countries, and Hanteo’s real-time global rankings. In addition, member SIHYEON has been selected as a fixed MC for SBS MTV’s music program “The Show,” showing off her smooth hosting skills.

Having quickly grown into a “global K-pop trend” after a year of activities since its debut, Everglow is preparing for its next album and plans to continue active communication with its fans through various content and channels.

Meanwhile, Everglow will host V LIVE at 7 p.m. on Monday, celebrating its first anniversary with fans.

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