“Hidden Track 2” iKON (iKON) will introduce hidden masterpieces with vivid live performances.

JTBC’s Lulu Lala “Hidden Track 2,” which will return to season 2, will host its first online live broadcast on Thursday.

“Hidden Track” is a music show that introduces hidden masterpieces that K-pop’s representative idol didn’t show much on existing music shows. They meet fans through live broadcast online.

In “Hidden Track,” an artist from a team stars every week to deliver seven behind-the-scenes stories that he hopes will make more of his tracks known. Also, “Golden Track,” which was chosen as the number one by fans through pre-voting, can be seen even on stage.

Through the chat window, fans can communicate with other fans in real time. Multi-view services are also offered to allow users to freely choose which camera views they want to watch.

Super Junior leader Lee Teuk will be the MC following season 1. Lee’s performance in season 2 also raises expectations, as he received favorable reviews for his smooth hosting of the show, showing perfect “honey chemistry” with artists last season.

The first artist to open season 2 will be the group iKON. Pre-voting to select iKON’s Golden Track will run from March 18-25.

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