IDOL RADIO STRAY KIDS “Please look forward to songs like gifts.”

The group Stray Kids appeared on MBC’s standard FM “Idol Radio” on Wednesday for the first time in a long time, celebrating its second anniversary since its debut, boasting its still energy. Kang Seung-yoon of WINNER was the host of the show.

In February, Stray Kids successfully completed eight U.S. city performances with their first world tour. Hyunjin said, “It was an amazing experience and it was an honor to go to eight cities, but the fans also enjoyed the concert very well. Rather than having a concert, I had a lot of fun as if we were playing together,” he

Felix told his overseas fans, “It was so much fun going around eight cities, and it was my first tour and I was happy to meet many people. I will visit you again soon.”

On Wednesday, Stray Kids’ first best album “SKZ2020” was released. The album features Stray Kids’ masterpieces, whose members are known to write and compose all the songs themselves.

Among them, BOK “19,” Lee Know picked “Hellevator” and Seungmin performed a verse live, with “Young Wings” as his “best song,” showing off his “luxury song richness.”


On Saturday, he celebrated the second anniversary of his debut. The new song, “I Know the Fool,” released to mark the second anniversary of its debut, is an emotional song that captures the heart of taking a step closer to dreams, beliefs, values and goals he had hoped for since childhood, Changbin explained. The song, which was written by Changbin, was described by the central bank as a lyric that was “pathetic, sexy and well-received.”

The music video, in which the members appeared as actors, is also drawing attention. Hyunjin, the leading actor, said, “It was fun because it was my first acting. It’s funny to act with the members, but we worked together thinking, ‘This is work.’

Stray Kids, who are on a corner medley dance special for Idol Radio, performed performances that embellished Stray Kids in tune with “Hellevator,” “Victory Song,” “Levanter,” “MIROH” and “Double Knot” to cheer fans who missed Stray Kids for a long time.

Then, Kang Seung-yoon, the special DJ, and Stray Kids, who spent an hour full of energy solving various quizzes, also had a time to thank them. Hyunjin said, “It’s so hard to show my face these days, but we’re always cheering up because the fans are always there for us.” “It was our second anniversary yesterday, and I’m so grateful to our fans for being with us for two years. We will continue to be hard-working Stray Kids.” Seungmin is “After about two years old, in the future, 10, 20 years, always to work hard in the side you we’ll be a ‘stay’ next to me” high.I ask.

Finally, Bang Chan said, “On the occasion of yesterday’s second anniversary, I felt proud as I looked back on Stray Kids members sharing love with each other. It was good to show how close our friendship and friendship are today. There was a song called “Fool,” and I’m still working on the song. We’re making a lot of songs to give good gifts to our fans, so I hope you look forward to them,” he said, adding to fans’ expectations.

Meanwhile, WINNER’s new song “Moxibustion” was released at 6 p.m. on Wednesday. Special DJ Kang Seung-yoon of WINNER tactfully promoted the song, saying, “Don’t delay and listen to it a lot.”

MBC Radio’s idol specialized program “IDOL RADIO” will air on MBC’s standard FM (95.9 MHz in Seoul and Gyeonggi Province) and MBC radio application mini at 1 to 2 a.m. every morning. At 9-10 p.m. every night, you can watch the pre-air radio on Naver’s V LIVE application.

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