The track list of Kang Daniel’s first mini album ‘CYAN’ has been released.
Kang Daniel’s first mini-album ‘CYAN’ contains a total of five tracks, including the title song ‘2U’, ‘TOUCHIN’ and ‘Adulthood’, which were digital singles released in November last year, and the new song ‘Jealous’ Even ‘and’ Interview ‘are filled with songs full of Kang Daniel’s sensibility.
Particularly, the title song ‘2U’ of this first mini album is a song in harmony with a talented R & B musician, Chancellor, who is directly responsible for writing, composing and producing. The meaning and number of ‘To you’ The meaning of ‘Ryu’, which is the same as the pronunciation when reading as it is, is expressed as ‘2U’, adding wit to the title and raising expectations.
Kang Daniel’s first mini-album ‘CYAN’ is a story about Kang Daniel’s dreams, passions and challenges in a cyan (cyan) that resembles the vast ocean and blue sky. Fans’ expectations are growing on Kang Daniel’s new song that will hit the ear with a more vocal and soft melody like the spring breeze.
Meanwhile, Kang Daniel’s first mini-album ‘CYAN’ will be released through various online music sites on March 24 at 6pm. (Seoul Time +9:00)

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