ITZY topped the list for the second consecutive week.
On Mnet’s “M Countdown,” which aired on Wednesday, NCT127 and ITZY competed for first place. The results showed ITZY topped the final week of March with “WANNABE.”
ITZY thanked the fans and expressed its acceptance speech, saying it would “show a better ‘WANNABE’ performance.”
The comeback stage by ONG SEONG-WU, Kang Daniel and Sejeong was unveiled for the first time at “M Countdown” on the same day.
옹성우는 수록곡 ‘게스 후(GUESS WHO)’와 타이틀곡 ‘그래비티(Gravity)’로 두 가지 매력을 선보였다. ‘그래비티’ 무대를 통해 우월한 비주얼과 감각적인 보컬을 자랑한 그는 전과는 다른 짙은 감성적인 무대를 선보였다.
강다니엘은 ‘2U’로 봄에 어울리는 밝은 무대를 선보였다. 강다니엘은 봄바람을 연상케 하는 부드러운 보컬과 청량한 에너지로 가득 찬 무대를 꾸몄다.

ONEUS took the stage with ‘A Song Written Easily’ Through’A Song Written Easily,’ they showed more relaxed stage manners and performances than before, expressing numerous emotions contained in the breakup.

At the studio M corner, Astro’s “ONE & ONLY” stage was staged. Prior to the stage, Astro revealed its affection for AROHA through an interview.

Sejeong gave a deep echo through the “Flowerbasket” stage. She filled the stage with Sejeong’s unique solid singing and charming voice.

On the same day, “M Countdown” featured ITZY, Yeji, VICTON, Dreamcatcher, Astro, Kisum and Hong Eunki, and Kang Daniel, ONG SEONG-WU, ONEUS and Sejeong made a comeback.

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