Group MAMAMOO’s Hwasa opened an Instagram account.

On the 26th, Hwasa announced the opening of its Instagram account in MAMAMOO’s official fan cafe.

It seems that the Instagram ID ‘_mariahwasa’ was taken from ‘Maria’, the baptism name of Hwasa.

Since the opening of the account, the number of Instagram followers increased rapidly and exceeded 200,000 followers in 30 minutes. As of the afternoon of the 27th, the next day, it reached nearly 300,000. It’s an empty feed without a single post, but fans are wondering what the first post will be.

Hwasa has previously appeared in MBC entertainment ‘I Live Alone’ and has influenced by creating ’00 Revolts’ every time it reveals daily lives such as giblets, Kim Bu-gak, truffle Jjajang Ramen, tofu milk, and recorder scores. After hearing the news, fans are responding that ‘I think it will be sold out for every post that comes up’.

Meanwhile, on the 18th, the speaker participated as a feature in Dua Lipa’s new song ‘Physical’.

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