Stray Kids will release their new digital single “Mixtape: Even Stupid” and the music video for their new song at 6 p.m. today (June 25).

Changbin, who participated in writing and composing the title track, said before the release, “I think you’ll be able to feel the new emotions of Stray Kids that you’ve never seen before. I know you’re going to like this song, even if you’re a fool.”

The members also said, “I wanted to play this song to the fans from the moment I first heard the guide. I hope you like the lyrics because there are many parts that touch my heart.”

He added, “It’s amazing that it’s already our second anniversary. There’s still a long way to go, but if the members and fans do it together, I think I can shake off even if I fall down and walk back. We want to build a tower of memories together without being swayed,” he said, confessing to his emotional heart.

The title track “I Know the Fool” is a song that expresses the courage to come back to the dream and watch it again with a calm melody.

Stray Kids’ style is full of raps, rising emotions, and the overwhelming development that seems to erupt at the end.

Previously, Stray Kids caused excitement by showing off their visuals like the main characters of the youth drama in the posters, group images and still cuts and teasers of their new songs.

The new song is part of the “Mixtape Project,” which is under way starting with “Mixtape: Gone Days” in December last year.

The “Mixtape Project” is a project that melts stories of people who have lost their direction and are in agony into Stray Kids’ music to form a consensus.

Stray Kids, who officially debuted on March 25, 2018, celebrated the second anniversary of their debut on Saturday, the release date of their new digital single “Mixtape: Even Stupid.”

They have proven their unlimited musical talent by showing off their ability to write and compose songs, including their debut songs.

She successfully completed her first world tour, “Stray Kids World Tour District 9: Unlock,” cementing her status as the “next generation K-pop flagship group.”

Stray Kids will meet fans with “Stray Kids Rooftop Live” on Naver V LIVE 10 p.m.


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