Ong Sung-woo released a music video teaser for the first mini-album ‘LAYERS’ (Layers) ‘s title song’ GRAVITY ‘(Gravity).
On the 20th at 00:00 Ong Sung-Woo’s official SNS channel, the first teaser video of the ‘GRAVITY’ music video with an overwhelming atmosphere and sensuous visual beauty was released, leaving a strong thrill for viewers.
The teaser video, which starts with playing a calm acoustic guitar, attracts the attention of Ong Sung-woo, who is drawn into a deep and dark abyss as if drawn by something. When he opens his eyes that are closed, his dreamy eyes make a strong impression and stimulate curiosity about the music video story.


Ong Seong-woo’s mini-album ‘LAYERS’ title song ‘GRAVITY’ is a song with strong future synth sound and strong vocals, and it sings about ‘a new courage that was attracted to you’. Ong Sung-woo melted his own sensibility toward ‘Gravitate’ with ‘GRAVITY’, where you can feel various developments and emotions in one song.
This album ‘LAYERS’, which is known for Ong Sung-Woo’s writing of all songs and participation in composition, layered the feelings of ‘Impul’, ‘Comfort’, ‘Empty’, ‘Enlightenment’, and ‘Curious’ until he became ‘Ong Sung-Woo’. He predicted that he would show his sincere inside. In addition, Ong Sung-woo, who showed the solid completeness of the album by revealing the concept teaser image for each song, raises the expectation of the new song to the maximum and excites the fans.
On the other hand, Ong Sung-woo will hold an online showcase through Naver V LIVE on the 25th, the day of the album release, at 5 pm, and talk with the fans about the album.

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