Super Junior Shin-Dong has gained much attention by losing 37kg over 5 months, and Shin-Dong also expresses a lot of excitement. In particular, Shin-Dong was envious of both health and visuals through diet.

On the 20th, Shin Dong posted a photo saying “I’m ready to move and I’m going to do a LAN housewarming.” In the released photo, Shin Dong smiles brightly on the sofa and poses in a ‘V’ pose. In particular, even while lying down, Shin’s belly was ‘scarred’, showing off his slim body.

On the 16th, Shin Dong released a picture of the pre-diet and the latest photo, and gave a meaningful impression after the successful diet.

“Immune power improved and became very healthy,” said, “But was that really scary at that time?” Shindong, amazed at his past look, said, “This time, I will try hard to maintain it.”

Surprisingly, the picture of Shindong’s diet success is known as an uncompensated and uncompensated picture, and has attracted even more attention.

At the time of his weight of 116 kg, Shin Dong delivered a warning stating that a doctor in his past might suffer from hypertension or stroke in his 40s if he did not lose weight, and decided to “ the last diet of his life. ”

At the time, he said that he thought, “I think it’s not only the life of a celebrity who stays as it is, but my life is over.” Afterwards, Shin Dong delivered the news about 17kg loss shortly, and announced that he had lost 30kg earlier this year, and finally said that he lost 37kg of success and regained his health as well.

succeeded in catching both health and visual rabbits. After losing 37kg, which is said to be one elementary school student, he is showing a different topic by showing off his beautiful appearance.

Shin Dong, who has regained his ‘Less days’, is showing a lot of congratulations not only to the netizens but also to his fellow stars, revealing the idol visual aspect. Through the interview video, Shin Dong, who lost weight up to 79 kg, noticed that the next goal was to lose 30 kg more and maintain it steadily for more than 5 years.

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