The 10-member boy group TOO released a video of a profound worldview. 
On the afternoon of the 19th, through the TOO official V Live account, the 1st mini album ‘REASON FOR BEING: In (仁)’ title song ‘Magnolia’ music video pre-Release ver. Has been released.
The pre-release version of the ‘Magnolia’ music video composed for about 45 seconds shows part of the overall TOO worldview. The members of TOO raised their curiosity by holding the flash in the dark with Jayu as the main figure, while continuing to confront themselves with the opposing forces. 
In the prologue film released earlier, the intrusion of peaceful TOO members due to the invasion of strangers was predicted, and this pre-release version of the video stimulates the imagination of the viewers. 
Particularly, along with some of the title song ‘Magnolia’, choreographed stories were released one after another to attract global fans. We are excited about what kind of message TOO, which boasts a unique scale with studded producers, will deliver through this title song ‘Magnolia’. 
The pre-release version of the ‘Magnolia’ music video was also released on the 20th at 6:00 AM through the official TOO YouTube account.
Meanwhile, TOO’s first mini-album ‘REASON FOR BEING: In (仁)’, which will bring a new breeze to the music industry in the first half of 2020, is the album that marks the first start of the worldview series.Ten Oriented Orchestra It is expected to show K-POP fans around the world while showing various values ​​as the group intends. 

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